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Guido Campanate is an architect with an artist's soul. Since 2001, it combines architecture with the creation of lamps, mosaics and paintings. In 2001, year of graduation at the University Santa Ursula, opens its office in Búzios, Guido Campanate Architecture and Design. Since then, it has been serving the wishes and needs of its clients through projects that seek to combine comfort, practicality and beauty in unique environments.”(Maria Werneck – journalist)


The projects developed by our office use both modern materials and recycled materials. We do not follow a trend or style. Our goal is to satisfy the customer.

Art & design

Allied to architecture, we create design objects like lamps and furniture, giving them new life, usefulness and originality. In addition to artwork such as paintings and mosaics.


From the first contact, we keep our Team ready to advise our clients with efficient solutions to the demands throughout the execution of the project.